Actions proposed by AIM for the efficiency of prevention measures against the SarsCov2 virus

Against the backdrop of the alarming increase in infections with the SarsCov2 virus that has greatly affected the social and economic environment of the county, during today, November 13, 2020, AIM sent the county public authorities with attributions in the management and implementation of measures to prevent and fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, a series of actions that could contribute to stopping the spread, or even eradicating the disease in Maramureș County.

Among the proposed measures are:
• increasing the verification of compliance by natural and legal persons with the measures imposed by the authorities, both outdoors and in common indoor spaces
• ensuring a visibly increased presence of police and gendarmerie bodies in public spaces
• making detailed public announcements regarding the incidence of infections, their source, the plans of measures adopted, as well as their transmission through the mass media, in order to increase the degree of compliance of the population with the restrictive measures adopted.

At the same time, AIM also requested the addition of the number of employees present in public spaces to carry out controls, to ensure the widest possible compliance with the proposed measures, but also the invitation to co-opt representatives of the association in an advisory body for anti-Covid19 measures.


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