Association of Maramureș Entrepreneurs (AIM) has a dynamic staff structure formed of both employees and volunteers.

AIM volunteers can be people over 18 years, energetic and pleasant, who are available for unpaid activities.

Those who are accepted to collaborate with Aim as volunteers have the opportunity to activate part-time or project-based, in a fair exchange from which, in return for their work, they will acquire:

  • Work experience (the areas are a mix of management, marketing, legal, economic, communication, and public relations domains).
  • Access at high relational level (AIM members are top companies of Maramureș county, and these companies and AIM interact with the patronage and executive management of other such companies and associations, as well as with the representatives of the authorities and public institutions at the local, regional, national and even international level).
  • Privileged information about the economic environment, companies, and entrepreneurs, as well as a set of working principles and methods that are transposed into extremely valuable professional skills and competences.

Also, the volunteer accepted by AIM, if he/she shows professionalism, passion, and determination in his/her activities, has high chances of getting a job at one or more member companies of the association.

If the above-mentioned have caught your interest and you are open to a collaboration with AIM, we look forward to you CV accompanied by a letter of intent stating the job you are following (employee or volunteer) and recommendations (if necessary) at

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