To be a member of the Association of Maramureș Entrepreneurs (AIM) means, first of all, that the commercial reputation of the company and its management representatives is a positive one in the market and in society, having a consolidated history.

Here are the main benefits with the lucrative potential for our members:

  • Economically valuable, credible and "fresh" information obtained from other members, from public authorities and institutions, as well as from the National Union of Romanian Employers (UNPR).
  • Easy associations between members for the initiation and development of investments and businesses.
  • Access to markets, suppliers and partners in Romania and other countries supported by AIM and the National Union of Romanian Employers (which has partnerships with the largest employers' organizations in countries such as Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, has a national structure of specialized departments and contracts for assistance and consultancy in various fields).
  • Mutual support in honest and transparent relations with public authorities and institutions.
  • Anticipating "reading" of the economic climate and, through the strength of the group, quickly identifying solutions for adapting to the new.
  • Promote activity within AIM events and AIM materials and information.

Here are the main civic benefits for our members:

• The satisfaction of being part of:

  • The promotion of positive normative initiatives for the economic environment at the local, regional and national level.
  • The initiation, support, and participation in activities with exceptional educational, social, and cultural impact.
  • The proposal and development of major private or in public-private partnerships economic projects for Maramureș County.
  • Consultations with public authorities and institutions regarding important public investments for the area (in transport infrastructure, in environmental protection, in education, in the social field, in culture, in sports, etc.).
  • Networking activities and creative and pleasant socializing activities.

Also, Maramureș County and the entities belonging to this area benefit from the existence and functioning of the Association of Maramureș Entrepreneurs, some examples in this regard being:


The economic agents feel represented.

The labor force needed for companies is identified, obtained, and retained more quickly.

The honest competitive climate in the economic environment benefits from it.

The educational environment is supported by the entrepreneurial one, and the potential employees benefit from applied training.

Public authorities and institutions have a strong dialogue partner for the implementation of viable projects.

Economic bridges of the area are being developed with the other Romanian and foreign areas.

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