ANAF Maramureș representatives answered questions from AIM members

On Tuesday 16 March 2021, an online question and answer session was held by AIM.

Mrs. Elena Lenghel and Mrs. Elena Borcea, representing ANAF, answered the questions asked by the members of the association present during this meeting.

Clarifications were requested regarding the application or interpretation of certain laws in force, such as Order 4077 changes the content of the tax inspection report, DAC 6 reporting, or the application of compensations in case of overpayment.

Clarifications were requested regarding the conditions that a company must meet in order to be able to deduct the expenses generated with early education, and the manner of their application was also debated.

The AIM members present expressed their interest in the evolution of the digitization process within ANAF, more precisely, the time in which this process could be implemented for as many activities as possible within the agency.

Even the proposal to abolish the Treasury was addressed, as a method of making the economy more efficient at the national level or at least automating certain operations.


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