AIM is involved in setting up an advisory commission at the level of the county administration

On Tuesday, 19.01.2021, the meeting took place between the representatives of the National Union of Romanian Employers and the president of the Maramureș County Council, Mr. Ionel Bogdan.

Our association was represented by Diana Iluț and Sorin Orzac, members of the Board of Directors. Other members of the National Union of Romanian Employers took part in the meeting organized online.
Important aspects related to the development of the entrepreneurial environment at the county level were discussed, focusing on the issue of establishing an advisory commission in which representatives of the business environment and civil society from Maramureș can be found.

Mr. Ionel Bogdan showed interest in the formation of this advisory commission at the county level, in order to be able to include the opinions of employers in the decision-making factor. We hope that steps will be taken to make this commission functional as soon as possible, our colleagues show that entrepreneurial experience can join the administrative one for the purpose of the economic development of Maramureș county.

There were also discussions related to the industrial, scientific and technological parks to be developed in Maramureș.

Our colleague Diana Iluț also brought up the importance of developing the air infrastructure of our county. President Ionel Bogdan specified that, together with economic operators in the field, the opening of external routes is desired, but that the evolution of the pandemic and its effects cannot be neglected in achieving these objectives.

All the participants agreed that a good development of our county will always reflect the effective collaboration between the private environment and the public administration in the economic-social sphere, which can offer potential investors the premises of profitable achievements.

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