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AIM in dialogue with parliamentarians

On Friday, October 11, 2019, took place a first meeting between the members of the Association of Maramureș Entrepreneurs and the county parliamentarians. The main purpose was to establish the basis for future collaboration, in order to identify specific solutions to the current problems of the private environment.

 Among the representatives of the county, there were present at the debates: Senator Covaciu Severica (PMP), Deputy Duruș Vlad Emanuel (USR), Deputy Apjok Norbert (UDMR) and Deputy Matei Călin-Vasile-Andrei (PSD), through his counselor.

AIM presented specific situations of the existing problems in the private environment, to initiate legislative projects and facilitate their resolution. The areas of interest were:

  • Unfair competition and illicit activities in the private environment.
  • The high level of bureaucracy and the consequences of the phenomenon.
  • Specific problems in the field of construction.
  • Tourism and the current situation of companies from this field.
  • The problems of doctors in the private sector.
  • Agriculture and the situation of abandoned lands benefiting from subsidies.
  • Informatization of public area systems - the need to promote and rapidly implement the e-governance and e-digitization model in European countries.
  • In addition, as a feature for Maramureș County, all present parties considered necessary the cohesion of forces for the introduction of new international flights at Baia Mare Airport.

The purpose of the debate with the parliamentarians was to initiate a collaborative commitment, through which AIM could signal at any time legislative issues and proposals for initiatives to solve them. This represents a small, but important, step in finding effective solutions to accelerate the development of the business environment and the county as a whole.

Board of Directors of AIM

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