The Association of Maramureș Entrepreneurs is involved in coordinating the activity of the National Union of Romanian Employers (UNPR)

On April 6, 2019, the meeting of the National Managing Board (CND) of the National Union of Romanian Employers (UNPR) took place in Brașov, where AIM participated in the (recent) capacity of vice-president of the national employers' organization.

The decisions taken during the meeting were aimed at facilitating the proper functioning of the Union, strengthening the relations between members and developing projects beneficial for the Romanian patronage.

At this meeting, AIM supported the updating and orientation towards the topics of the economy of the future, of the calendar of activities of the national employer structure, as well as the increased involvement of member companies from all areas of the country in the associative life. At the same time, AIM has made proposals for streamlining the internal organization and the tighter internal control of the management of assets and financial-accounting flows.

The members of the management of the National Union of Romanian Employers have ambitious plans and, despite the differences of opinion (which manifested themselves constructively even on this occasion), they provide the necessary resources (especially of will and vision) for the Union to have a beneficial participation in the dynamics of the Romanian society.

We consider it vital to strengthen the trust and the relations (including commercial) between the members of the National Union of Romanian Employers and we appreciate that thanks are due to the representatives of the companies that participated in this meeting of the National Board of Directors for the way they approached the topics on the agenda and for the decisions taken.

Board of Directors of AIM


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