AIM is involved in cross-border cooperation programs

The Association of Maramureș Entrepreneurs (AIM) supports the easy cooperation of Maramureș with the neighboring states and the opportunity to develop the county in this context. Thus, AIM has initiated collaborative dialogues with the managing authorities of the cross-border grant programs.

Through these collaborations, AIM members and local public organizations (authorities, public institutions) have the opportunity to have access to information on grants in this direction and even the possibility to execute works, provide goods or provide services during the project implementation period, funded under these programs.

For participation in the consultative groups in order to build the future programs in the period 2021-2027, AIM initiated a dialogue for a later collaboration with the managing authorities of the Romania-Ukraine and Interreg V-A Romania-Hungary programs. Moreover, it has already signed a collaboration agreement with the current managing authority within the Romania-Ukraine Joint Operational Program 2014-2020, funded by the European Union and managed by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration.

The Association of Maramureș Entrepreneurs is open to collaborating with each party involved in these cross-border cooperation programs, in order to initiate joint activities and contribute with effective ideas and solutions for sustainable development of Maramureș.

Board of Directors of AIM


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