Company Registration Number: 12531413, J24/712/1999

 A. Activities carried out:

  1. Sanitary installations, natural gas, renewable energy
  2. Thermal installations - ventilation - air conditioning
  3. Electrical installations
  4. Civil and industrial constructions

B. Summary of achievements:

Construction works

  1. Rehabilitation of a social housing block on the Melodiei street, in Baia Mare city
  2. Rehabilitation of the Old Care Center in Coruia, Săcălășeni village, Maramureș County
  3. Extension and modernization of the Dumbrăvița Cultural Center, Maramureș County
  4. Capital repairs and modernization of the Kindergarten with the extended program no. 30, Baia Mare city
  5. Rehabilitation of warehouse halls at TOP MARKET COMIMPEX Satu Mare
  6. Extension and modernization of the administrative pavilion, Regina Maria Municipal Park
  7. Rehabilitation of Negrești Oaș Hospital
  8. Modernization of Electrica-Furnizare headquarters in Baia Mare city
  9. Construction of production hall, office building, gateway, fencing and connection to utilities GOTEC Satu Mare

Installation works

  1. Air conditioning installations at the National Agency of Public Finance Baia Mare
  2. Electrical installations at Baia Mare Arts High School
  3. Thermal power stations at the County Emergency Hospital ”Dr. Constantin Opriș” Baia Mare
  4. Ventilation and air conditioning installations at Universal Alloy Corporation Europe Dumbrăviţa
  5. Air conditioning, heating, sanitary, electrical installations and construction works at production halls at INTEX Năsăud

C. The word of the entrepreneur:

Your idea, our solutions.

D. Contact:

  • Website: www.icep.ro
  • Headquarters of I.C.E.P. company: Bușag village, 112 street, no. 30, Maramureș county
  • Phone no./fax: +40 362 412 029; +40 372 253 520
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Representative: Bogdan Marius Buzgău




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