Company Registration Number: RO 21749124, J24/944/2007

Baia Mare, Industriei Street, no. 6, Maramureș county


A. Activities carried out:

  1. Foodservice and event organization
  2. Private investigation activities
  3. Debt recovery
  4. Online Press

B. Summary of achievements:

  1. Creating successful local brands in the food service area (La Tour, La Mustache, Millennium Chocolate).
  2. First place in the top companies with profit in Maramureș county, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Maramureș.
  3. Conducting economic investigations for some of the most important national companies
  4. The most visited online newspaper in Maramureș county, with over 65,000 monthly unique visitors.

C. The word of the entrepreneur:

Business performance is the result of striving to achieve excellence in everything you do.

D. Contact:

  • website:;;;
  • Headquarters of North Exclusive company: Baia Mare, Industriei Street, no. 6, Maramureș county
  • Phone no./fax: 0262.212.345; 0262.211.299
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Representative: Orzac Sorin Simion
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